Montessori Directors Welcome

Dear Parents,


MMSC's Early Childhood Center (ECC) is proud to provide your children an outstanding Jewish education using the Montessori methodology in a safe, nurturing environment.

Children at MMSC ECC interact within the prepared classroom environment working at their own developmental learning pace, while adhering to principles of grace, courtesy, and respect for each other and learning materials. Both individual and group learning experiences are emphasized within each classroom using Montessori materials.

Children at MMSC ECC are exposed to Hebrew and English Language, Chagim, Parsha in addition to Math, Botany and Geography. These rich layered strands of curriculum build progressively as a student advances through the Montessori educational levels.

The self-esteem, self-confidence, and inner direction of children who receive an early childhood Montessori education serve students into their elementary school years. It is the intent of MMSC ECC to build a solid personal and academic foundation in each child propelling them into a bright future full of personal satisfaction, feelings of self-fulfillment and success in social encounters, and confidence in areas of challenge. 


E.C.C Program Director 

Chaya Elishevitz 

Meet Our Teachers

Julie Burns 

Toddlers 18 Months - 3 Years

Ali Reynolds
Mushka Rosler

18 - 24 months

Ilana Duban

Toddlers 18 Months - 3 Years

Miriam Goldberg


Marave Herbstman

Judaic Cirriculum Coach

Maria Ele Hoveskelan

Montessori teacher

Stacey Chapman Pontif