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Amazon Smile

AmazonSmile is a simple way for you to support our school with every purchase you make on Amazon, at no cost to you! To set up, go to and follow the steps to add Menachem Mendel Seattle Cheder as the organization you're supporting. This can also be setup on your mobile device.


We use Go Math! to guide learning in mathematics that aligns with common core WA state standards. This program teaches strategies and solutions with real world scenarios.


We strive to develop students who master their basic math facts and are problem solvers. We use hands on manipulatives and online programs to assist students in mastery.


Driven by the Next Generation Science Standards, our curriculum focuses on spiraled learning that deepens each year with hands-on, fun science activities and experiments as we study life, earth and physical sciences.


Our STEM program (science, technology, engineering, and math) gives our students the opportunity to learn about engineering and technology. 

Social Studies

We place an emphasis on geography, mapping skills and social studies. We begin with the “self” and move outward in concentric circles through family, school, neighborhood, city, state, country and the world. Our curriculum is based on OSPI standards for Social Studies and our teachers intentionally guide students to think about humans’ relationships with their environments and with each other. We host a geography and career fair annually to share students creativity and learning.


Our literacy philosophy is based on a literacy model, which is a multilevel, balanced literacy framework that incorporates four different approaches each day to teach children how to become better readers, writers, and spellers. Our literacy curriculum uses programs like IXL, Reading A-Z, Raz Kids and Mosdos Press to support the following subject areas:


  • Writing Mechanics

  • Reading Accuracy, Fluency & Comprehension

  • Text based studies which include authors purpose, summarizing and analyzing text

  • Different Forms of Writing (opinionated, informative and creative)

  • Spelling, grammar and vocabulary 

Social Emotional

We adopted the Nurtured Heart Approach which has three important components:

  • Focus on things that are going right

  • Not giving attention to negativity

  • Having clear expectations


This approach helps students make better choices and see the greatness within them. Teachers are focused on noticing good behavior and effort in the work and behavior that students do. We have support from an on-site behavior specialist for students that need specialized behavior plans and providing short lessons to all classes to teach social emotional awareness and Growth Mindset.


We offer a variety of clubs in different areas where students can choose and explore art, cooking, Website design, software coding, sewing, science, music and more. 


Clubs give our students the opportunity to learn new skills, explore areas of interest and various career paths.

For a more detailed look at our general studies curriculum for each grade level click on the button below.