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" Every child has their unique qualities, at MMSC we develop and nurture those qualities so that they can fulfill their academic and personal potential."
Chaya Elishevitz

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      Since 1974, Jewish parents in the Pacific Northwest have logged thousands of miles on freeways across the Puget Sound region to give their children the benefits and blessings of the warm, personal, and meaningful Jewish education found at The Menachem Mendel Seattle Cheder and they couldn’t be happier to do it.

It’s not only the excellence in the Judaic and the General Studies curriculum that attracts them, but there is also something unexpected – the Jewish education their children receive comes home with them, making their homes “more Jewish.”

“Our whole family is learning from the school,” said MMSC parent Cynthia Withers, who was raised in a Reform Jewish home. Withers looked for a school that would deepen her children’s relationship to Judaism.

She found it at MMSC.

“When I pick them up, they’re happy, alive, smiling, and inspired,” said Withers. “I know that they’re getting this really rich knowledge of Judaism.”

As a Lamplighter, you partner with teachers who connect individually with students in low teacher-to-student ratio classrooms to instill a love of learning, and bringing their light into the world.

“I love MMSC because my children are nurtured there every day by the warm and caring staff and a stimulating learning environment,” said MMSC parent Rochie Farkash. “Our children are being educated in the ways of our holy Torah. They think beyond themselves about how they can make the world a better place.”


This year has seen an increase in all areas of the school, according to Board President Elazar Bogomilsky  


Enrollment is up, he said, leading to greater financial stability, and the Early Childhood program is growing. Additionally, it is proud to have a staff of “loyal and hard-working educators.”


It’s exactly what the board has been working toward.

For Bogimilsky, however, the greatest return is in the success of MMSC graduates.

“There’s no greater feeling than seeing each of these children becoming a beacon of light,” said Bogomilsky.

“Every year, it’s beautiful to see our alumni go out and impact the community, the city, and the world.”


The Baskin family also got exactly what they hoped for in a school when they enrolled their children at the Seattle cheder.

“I wanted them to feel like Judaism is something you live, not just something you learn about and that is what has happened,” said Chaya Leah Baskin.  

“MMSC has helped nurture and grow my children in the classroom with their English and Hebrew subjects and out of the classroom with their emphasis on midos and observing mitzvos.”


The Paltiel family chose MMSC for their two daughters because of the family atmosphere there.


“Everyone is looking out for each other, and I love how they have interaction with the older kids,” said Paltiel. “They’re just so proud of everything going on in the classroom. They look forward to school every day.”

Janis Siegel, M.A. 
Siegel in Seattle, journalist

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