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Our mission is to develop Jewish leaders of outstanding character who will make a positive contribution to our world. We do this within a warm and inviting environment, while providing a robust Judaic and General Studies curriculum that infuses our students with self confidence, a love of G-d, His Torah, humanity and our environment.

Academic Excellence

MMSC is accredited by three internationally recognized and acclaimed agencies: MLCNAB, NCPSA (National Council for Private School Accreditation), and MSA (Middle States Association). This means that we are consistently developing, growing and meeting learning benchmarks to exceed academic standards throughout all grade levels. Our rigorous and mission-centered Judaic and general studies curriculum is enhanced with highly trained faculty and small class sizes which promotes close relationships and customized learning.

Jewish Identity & Contribution

Through learning, projects, and meaningful interactions, our children strongly identify with our rich Jewish heritage. They are taught to bring these lessons into daily practice which inspires them to bring Judaism home and into their community. From starting our day with Tefillah (prayers), gratitude jars, giving Tzedakah (charity), to weekly Parsha learning, Shabbat projects, holiday workshops, to mitzvah projects around the community, we're transforming learning into positive action.

Character Development

A fundamental principle of Chabad philosophy is to recognize that everyone has unique, G-d given talents and abilities, and our goal is to express them in the healthiest and most effective way. With a growth mindset approach and educational tools, we encourage our children to develop good middot (character) and show a love and care for others. With the Nurtured Heart approach, we set up clear expectations for respectful language and create activities and tools to help our children see greatness in themselves and others.


Average student-teacher ratio for MMSC Day School


Students who scored above grade level on standardized testing


Graduates attend  higher education (college, smicha, or Rabbinical programs)


Alumni that return to  the Puget Sound area and also send their kids to MMSC


Major Puget Sound cities that students  are commuting from to our school



Our small student to teacher ratio contributes to individualized attention and encourages independent learning. Our dual curriculum broadens students' knowledge, and many subjects, especially Chumash and Gemara, give students higher order thinking skills that have contributed to their academic excellence as they continue their journey into higher education.


Our alumni have shared that they felt well prepared for higher education and they’ve had success across many different career paths. In fact, we have the highest number of graduates in the area that have returned to Seattle, after being away for higher education, to become local community activists. 

Kids drawing in our preschool
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Seattle Jewish Montessori

Early Childhood Education for Ages 1-5

Our preschool aligns with the Montessori method, giving children many options and paths of learning which spark their interest and curiosity to become self motivated learners. We feel that many of the Montessori values parallel the Jewish way of educating each child according to their unique self.

Our children interact within the prepared classroom environment working at their own developmental learning pace, while adhering to principles of grace, courtesy, and respect for each other and learning materials. Both individual and group learning experiences are emphasized within each classroom using Montessori materials. 

The multi-age classroom is a system built within our classrooms that provides opportunity for leadership. Children are exposed to Hebrew and English language, holidays, Parsha, math, botany and geography. These rich layered strands of curriculum build progressively as a student advances through the Montessori educational levels.

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MMSC Day School

Grades K-8

As committed as our teachers are to challenging our students, they are even more committed to helping and encouraging our students to achieve their personal bests.


Our day school curriculum builds on the foundations gained in the Montessori preschool program. We integrate our Judaic curriculum (Hebrew language, Torah and Jewish law; Jewish history, weekly Torah reading/Parshah; and holiday workshops) with a rigorous general studies curriculum (English, math, science, social studies and reading). 


MMSC is the only Jewish school in the Pacific Northwest that is accredited by three internationally recognized and acclaimed agencies: MLCNAB, NCSPA (National Council for Private School Accreditation), and MSA (Middle States Association). These accreditations ensure that we are consistently developing, growing and meeting learning benchmarks to exceed academic standards throughout all grade levels.

Second grade kids learning in classroom

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Seattle Jewish Montessori

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